when your friends comfort you but you’re still sad




Residents of Sydney, Australia were treated to the amazing sight of an extraordinarily spectacular sunset this past Monday, July 28. The stunning natural phenomenon sent social media into a photo-sharing frenzy, resulting in a multitude of gorgeous sunset snapshots.

Mother fucker

If there is any empirical proof
Of the hidden horsepowered huff
In the little clicks and hicks of tongues
That can essentially ram a man’s spirit;
The p o w e r o f w o r d s, mind you,
Then I can use only the word
mother fucker
As my own exhibit to speculate.

What is essential a father
Is turned into less than human.
What is seen as a description of act
Is turned into a status of lower caste;
What has initially been not impressive
Is now worse than pig bacteria,
Yet, in context, be considered
Brave and relentless.


(by jessieroth) {


(by jessieroth)


Feel It: Kissing Teenagers by Rankin
For Dazed & Confused Magazine
Styling: Alister Mackie


When future dad Justin (aka Redditor DruishPrincess69) discovered that his wife Meghan didn’t want to have any photos taken during her pregnancy, he decided to hire professional photographer Kerri Lohmeier to take hilarious maternity (or “man-ternity”) photos of him, instead.


(by muffin clubϟ) {


(by muffin clubϟ)

Our love has many hiding places;
you swallowed me in the meadow
and I touched you in the rain,
I embraced you in the shadow
of the moon’s watchful gaze.

(via reykogast)

Born of Osiris (by ChristianNapolitanoPhotography)


Born of Osiris (by ChristianNapolitanoPhotography)



You are the translucent man
in blue, a combination
of one’s dreams.
You fell in love
with the person
that I could not be.
I do not blame you;
I fell in love again, too.


Brand New by Miracle Sun on Flickr.


Brand New by Miracle Sun on Flickr.



You are no longer
The person you used to be,
Still, I wont forget.


dreams that awake you at 6 AM


We walk side by side,
across a wooden bridge with a roof.
It is noisy and crowded.
We stop to watch the show.
In the murky green waters below,
a killer whale appears.
It is swallowed back into the water
by a colossal sea monster
that takes it in its teeth gingerly
and yanks, down,…